The Ethics of Attending Local Shows

I have been to my fair share of local San Diego shows. Concerts are fun, especially after mastering the art of moshing, but what I hadn’t considered from the beginning is that whenever I attend one of these shows with the same local bands, I’m paying and supporting whomever is playing.

crowdIt is important to me that if I am going to contribute to something, I’m going to believe in it wholeheartedly, so if I find out that the members of some local bands are assholes, then isn’t it my responsibility to discontinue supporting them and contributing to their income?

When I find out a band member over 18 has been messing with or preying on underage girls, they are immediately discounted and no longer receive attention from me. I feel as if I have a moral obligation to do what I believe is right, and I don’t believe band members that rely on the hormones of teenage girls deserve any sort of credibility.

Sure, these shows are super fun and give everyone a sense of community, but if the music we’re dancing to doesn’t respect us then they don’t deserve our money and support.

People make mistakes and I am a pretty understanding person, but mistakes aren’t deliberate and if you notice your local bands doing some sketchy things over and over, then it’s probably a good idea to avoid going to their shows anymore.

It’s unfortunate that some people in local scenes aren’t as serious about their music as they are about holding up a certain status. Granted, there are definitely some local bands that are personally cool and make awesome music.

Like anything, music has dos and don’ts, and if you see band members doing things you consider don’ts, you might want to step back and reevaluate the way you see them.

Stick to your convictions and don’t support assholes!


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